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Notes from the home of the hitchhiker


Massimiliano Blues Project live at Coletivo Munaya in Pelotas, Brazil
Music I heard on the way on different occasions that added spice to my travel!

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto - Fuego de Cumbia

Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto is a traditional cumbia band that started in 1940s in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. Cumbia is a mix of indigenous, black African and to some extent European rhythms and melodies. There are a lot of different types of cumbia all over Latin America, but music of this band is probably the closest to the origins of the style that was born in northern Colombia.

Bomba Estereo - Fuego

Bomba Estereo is a modern incarnation of cumbia which incorporates elements of rap, electronic music and reggae. They are originally from Bogota, Colombia and the tune below was a hit played over and over again in all Latin countries.

Savia Andina - Verbenita

Savia Andina was one of the first bands to popularise traditional Andean music of Bolivia outside of their country. The group was born in the seventies and plays until today.

Huancasoledad - Satélite

Very experimental noise music made by Guely, a girl whom I first met in Valparaíso and who later hosted me in her place in La Paz, Bolivia.

Manuel Garcia - El mar, mi alma

The tune below is the official soundtrack of El Mar, Mi Alma, a film about surfing recorded in Chile. This beautiful song composed and sung by Manuel Garcia, takes me back to the Chilean coast again and again! Goosebumps...

Soda Stereo - La Ciudad de la Furia

Soda Stereo is an Argentine band which gained international success. After the breakup of the group, its vocalist Gustavo Cerati continued his solo career until the tragic concert in Venezuela, after which he suffered a stroke. In September 2014, after four years in coma Gustavo unfortunately died. Below a beautiful song sung together with Andrea Echeverri from Colombia.

Joe Vasconcellos - La joya del Pacifico

Joe Vasconellos is a son of Brazilian father and Chilean mother and there is a lot of Brazilian influences in his music. That tune was on many times in La Valija Hostel. Great song about this beautiful city. Valparaiso de mi amor!!!

deadmou5 - Some Chords

And here is some electro I love - Deadmou5! Perfect for a night out and there were many of them in Valpo!

Joe Vasconcellos - Induce

Another song by Joe Vasconcellos.

Los Jaivas - La poderosa muerte

Los Jaivas is a legendary folk-rock band from Chile. The tune below is from the album Alturas de Machu Picchu and there was a spectacle recorded at the ruins by Chilean and Peruvian tv.

Puta Marlon - Don de Gulliver

I found out about this great chilean psychedelic band thanks to Daniela who hosted me in her cosy house in Valdivia. The tune below comes from Puta Marlon's fourth album Los Pajaros released in 2012. Unfortunately I couldn't find the best piece from this album called 'Gualeyguaichu'.

The Ganjas - La lluvia no quiere caer

The Ganjas is another neo-psychedelic band from Chile.

Calle 13 - Latinoamérica

Fantastic song about Latin America!

Siete Venas - Ahi va

Siete Venas is an Argentinian rock and ska band I saw live in El Chaltén and they are originally from that little Patagonian town. Perfect music to relax after operating a cat ;)

Suicidio Primavera

When I was staying in La Cueva refuge in El Calafate I met a Couchsurfing member called Ariel who runs his musical project Suicidio Primavera. One Saturday night we had a possibility to see it live in the refuge.

No te va gustar - Chau

No Te Va Gustar is an Uruguayan band I saw live in El Calafate, southern Argentina. The tune below comes from their sixth album Por lo menos hoy recorded in 2010.

Gustavo Santaolalla - De Ushuaia a la Quiaca

Gustavo Santaolalla was a co-founder of the legendary Argentinian rock band Arco Iris. Later on he started to record soundtracks, for example for Into the Wild or On the Road. The tune below comes from the film Motorcycle Diaries. Absolutely magic!

Zeca Pagodinho - Deixa A Vida Me Levar

Another great artist from Brazil, Zeca Pagodinho. We were listening to his tunes a lot in Pancho's house in Ushuaia.

Tango Fusion Club - Bandoneon Acorazad

Up for tango?

Vanessa da Mata - Não Me Deixe Só

I heard this tune in the house of Isa in Montevideo, she had it on her computer. Vanessa represents Musica Popular Brasileira (MPB) and while I'm not a big fun of pop, I really enjoy this piece. Is it the language?

Massimiliano Blues

Two pieces by Massimiliano Blues live at Coletivo Munaya. The quality is unfortunately not the best, I recorded these tracks with my phone. During this concert the project was represented by Alex Vaz - guitar and vocals, Gabriela Lamas - vocals, Igo Santos - drums and Maurilio Almeida - bass. Oh Pelotas...

Kingston Wall - Nepal

I heard this Finnish band for the first time in Pelotas thanks to Lúcia and Anderson from Coletivo Munaya. The tune below comes from their first album called simply 1 which was published in 1992. A year after recording the third, goodbye album the singer Petri Walli commited suicide by jumping out from a church tower.

Pedra Branca - Feijoada polifônica

Another stuff I found out thanks to Natascya from Boa Vista. Pedra Branca is a modern world music group from São Paulo.

Bezerra da Silva - O malandro era forte

Heard on the radio of one of the drivers in central Brazil.

Os Mutantes - Caminhante Noturno

I thought I knew a lot about psychedelic rock, but there's always something new to discover! Os Mutantes is a fantastic Brazilian group that was involved in the Tropicalia movement. The track below is from their second album Mutantes which was recorded in 1969. The year says it all!!! I heard it for the first time in Boa Vista while having a few beers with Natascya and Priscilla. Obrigado meninas.

Huracan de fuego la encubridora

Caribbean rythms from Venezuela. The band is called Huracán de Fuego, which means the hurricane of fire and it's really hot music.

Trinidad All Stars - Curry Tabanca

Excellent example of steelpan music from Trinidad and Tobago.

Fela Kuti - Zombie

I was listening to this tune when painting the boat of Lin and Pierre in Chaguaramas in Trinidad. That's how I could thank them for their hospitality. And this energetic music was a perfect background.

Dread Eye Masters - Murderers

Strange stuff from Trini!

Dengue Fever - Ethanopium

This piece was a reward fot reaching the half way between Cape Verde and Tobago. On Alex's player it was shown as 'BO Broken Flower'. Later on I found out that Broken Flower was a film by Jim Jarmush and this track was one ot the official soundtracks. The name of the band is Dengue Fever and this piece was released on their first album Dengue Fever. They are from the U.S. and they combine psychedelic rock and Cambodian pop music.

Mayra Andrade - Tunuca

That's the tune I was listening to a lot when I was living on the boat of Alex in Cape Verde. It was released in 2006 on the album Navega.

BaBa ZuLa - Bahar

I know this band for years, but didn't know the album Üç Oyundan Onyedi Müzik on which you can find the tune below. It was perfect background for cycling on Agadir's promenade.

Mohamed Rouicha - Inas Inas

I heard it when sitting in a car entering Agadir for the first time.

Estrella Morente - Siguiriya

Memories from Andalusia.